Information Console in Junglestrike

The information console in Junglestrike serves as a valuable tool for keeping players informed and updated on crucial details during their missions. Here’s an overview of the information console and its features:

Information Console in Junglestrike Information Console in Junglestrike 2

Mission Objectives:

The information console displays your current mission objectives. It provides clear instructions on what needs to be accomplished, such as destroying enemy installations, rescuing hostages, or gathering critical intelligence. Keep a close eye on the console to stay focused on your objectives and progress through the game.

Map and Navigation:

The information console includes a map that helps you navigate through the game world. It displays your current location, mission objectives, and important points of interest. Use the map to plan your routes, avoid enemy patrols, and find the most efficient paths to complete your objectives.

Enemy Intel:

The information console provides valuable intelligence on enemy forces. It may reveal enemy locations, patrol patterns, or important targets. Use this information to strategize your approach, identify high-priority targets, and anticipate enemy movements. Stay vigilant and adapt your tactics based on the enemy intel provided.


The information console allows for communication with other friendly units or command centers. Receive valuable updates, request support, or receive mission-specific instructions through the console. Pay attention to incoming communications and respond promptly to stay informed and coordinated with your allies.

Status Updates:

The information console provides real-time updates on your helicopter’s vital statistics, including armor, ammunition, fuel, and health. It helps you monitor your resources and make informed decisions about when to refuel, restock ammunition, or take necessary precautions to preserve your helicopter’s integrity.

The information console is a vital tool in Junglestrike, providing essential information, guidance, and updates to enhance your mission success. Utilize it effectively to stay informed, navigate the game world, and make strategic decisions as you tackle the challenges that lie ahead.