Jungle Strike Cheats

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your adventure in this classic game, we’ve got you covered with some helpful information to enhance your experience. Discover cheat codes for invincibility, infinite ammo, and level skipping. Unearth hidden secrets, including bonus missions and power-ups tucked away in various levels. Additionally, we provide valuable tips such as conserving ammo, planning your route, utilizing terrain, and rescuing co-pilots. Use these resources wisely, and prepare to conquer the jungle!

Cheat CodeDescription
ABBAACInvincibility – Makes your helicopter invincible to enemy attacks.
ABBABAInfinite Ammo – Gives you unlimited ammunition for all weapons.
BAABACLevel Skip – Allows you to skip the current level.
Jungle Strike Cheats Jungle Strike Cheat Code


  • Hidden Power-ups: In various levels, there are hidden areas with power-ups for your helicopter. Explore the map thoroughly to find them.
  • Bonus Mission: If you complete the game with a high score, you can unlock a secret bonus mission.


  • Conserve Ammo: Ammunition is limited, so try to make every shot count. Use the machine gun for weaker enemies and save missiles for tougher targets.
  • Plan Your Route: Before going into action, take a moment to plan your route through the level. This will help you avoid unnecessary backtracking and save fuel.
  • Use Terrain: Use terrain features such as hills and buildings to shield yourself from enemy fire.
  • Rescue Co-pilots: When your co-pilot is down, rescue another one as soon as possible. Co-pilots improve the accuracy of your weapons.
Jungle Strike Secrets Jungle Strike Tips