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Jungle Strike is a classic retro game originally released on Sega Genesis in 1993. Developed by Electronic Arts, Jungle Strike is the second installment in the Strike series, following Desert Strike. The game is an isometric helicopter combat game that places the player in the pilot’s seat of an attack helicopter.

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In Jungle Strike, you take on the role of a helicopter pilot tasked with completing a series of missions in the jungle and other varied terrains. Each mission involves a combination of strategic combat, rescuing prisoners, and destroying enemy bases. Along the way, you can pick up ammo, fuel, and armor to keep your helicopter battle-ready.

Key Features:

  • Engrossing mission-based gameplay.
  • Diverse terrains including jungles, deserts, and urban environments.
  • Wide array of weapons and power-ups.
  • Challenging enemy units and bosses.
  • A gripping storyline with captivating cinematic sequences.
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Jungle Strike is often regarded as one of the defining games of the 16-bit era and is still remembered fondly by retro gaming enthusiasts. Its combination of action, strategy, and narrative storytelling made it a classic old game that stands the test of time.

Experience the Classic

If you’re a fan of retro Sega games or are looking to experience a piece of gaming history, Jungle Strike is a must-play. Immerse yourself in high-octane helicopter combat and take on thrilling missions in this unforgettable classic!

The Plot

Jungle Strike’s story takes place shortly after the events of Desert Strike. The son of the deposed enemy leader from the first game, Ibn Kilbaba, joins forces with a South American drug lord, Carlos Ortega. Together, they hatch a diabolical plan to avenge his father’s defeat and wreak havoc on the United States.

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Key Plot Points:

  1. Carlos Ortega and Ibn Kilbaba form an alliance to attack the United States.
  2. They build an arsenal of weapons, including a nuclear bomb.
  3. You, as the player, take control of a heavily armed helicopter to thwart their plans.
  4. Complete a series of increasingly challenging missions across different environments.
  5. Engage in combat, rescue prisoners, and gather intelligence to uncover and foil their plans.
  6. Confront and defeat both Carlos Ortega and Ibn Kilbaba in epic showdowns.

Tasks and Goals

In Jungle Strike, players assume the role of an elite helicopter pilot tasked with stopping a sinister plot against the United States. The game features a series of missions, each with specific objectives to complete.

Jungle Strike - Tasks Jungle Strike - Goals

Main Tasks:

  • Combat: Engage and destroy enemy units, installations, and vehicles using your helicopter’s arsenal.
  • Rescue Operations: Save hostages and allied soldiers by airlifting them to safety.
  • Reconnaissance: Gather intelligence by finding and retrieving crucial items or data.
  • Base Protection: Defend allied bases and units from enemy attacks.
  • Resource Management: Keep an eye on your helicopter’s fuel, ammo, and armor, and pick up supplies as needed.


Jungle Strike can be played online in your web browser using the following controls:

Arrow KeysMove Helicopter
SpaceFire Weapon
ShiftChange Weapon
EnterStart/Pause Game
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Jungle Strike FAQs

How to enter cheat on Sega Jungle Strike?

To enter cheats in Sega Jungle Strike, you generally need to pause the game and enter a specific combination of buttons. For example, one common cheat code is to pause the game and press A, B, B, C, A, X. Always ensure that you are using the correct cheat codes for your version of the game.

How to get armor in Jungle Strike?

In Jungle Strike, you can collect armor power-ups to replenish your helicopter's health. Armor crates are scattered throughout the levels, usually in enemy bases or other strategic locations. To pick them up, simply fly over them.

How to get fuel in Jungle Strike Sega?

Similar to armor, fuel is collected by flying over fuel drums scattered across the levels. It's important to keep an eye on your fuel gauge and plan your route effectively to avoid running out of fuel mid-mission.

How to kill submarines in Jungle Strike?

To destroy submarines in Jungle Strike, you should use missiles or Hydras. Wait until the submarine surfaces, then quickly lock on and fire your missiles. You can also drop a Hellfire missile on top of it as it's about to surface for a quicker kill.

How to land the stealth fighter in Jungle Strike?

Landing the Stealth Fighter in Jungle Strike requires precision. First, approach the landing area slowly and at a low altitude. Then, gradually decrease your speed until you are hovering, and carefully descend to the ground.

Which version of Jungle Strike is better?

The choice of the best version of Jungle Strike depends on personal preference and the platform you are using. The original Sega Genesis version is considered classic and has nostalgic value, but later releases on platforms such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or PC might have improved graphics or controls. It’s best to choose the version that suits your taste and the hardware you have access to.